8 Reasons Why You Are Seeing 5:55 – The Meaning of 555


Top Reasons Why You Keep Seeing 5:55 - Meaning of 555

Did you see 5:55 when you randomly checked the time, or did you see 5:55 appear in a recent dream? Perhaps you saw 5:55 after you finished meditating or praying? Trust that you were spiritually guided here to find out about the 555 meaning and to learn why you keep seeing 555 at this time.

Although seeing 555 may have seemed like a coincidence at first, the repeating occurrence of 555 is an orchestrated sign from the Divine and your spiritual team of angels and guides. It is the Universe's way of getting your attention and waking you up from a "sleeping" life. To further attract your attention, you might also receive divine communication through other angel signs such as feathers, pennies, and dimes. Most importantly, your divine team wants you to know that you are truly never alone, and they are closer to you than you ever know. With every step forward you take, they are spiritually supporting you all the way.

Recognizing 555 repetitively and other triple number patterns is a form of synchronicity, and these repeating numbers carry messages that provide spiritual guidance for the next steps of your life. When you are constantly seeing 555 at random places and times, you are being urged to pay attention to the thoughts of your mind.

In this manner, your mental focus on a certain life matter carries a specific energy that becomes an "attracter." From this magnetism, you attract people, places, and things that match the specific energy of the thoughts that you're thinking. With that in mind, the specific energy that is radiating from you is attracting specific life experiences to you. Simply put, the events and changes coming into your physical life are being attracted to the type of energy that you are transmitting from the thoughts of your mind.

With this understanding, you start to focus on solutions so you can attract solutions into your life, and you decide to step away from certain people, places, and things that no longer support your path, so you can create space for new people, new places, and new things that will strengthen your "new" path. Hence, the meaning of 555 is that things in your life will start to shift and change, and Angel Number 555 is preparing you to make room for new experiences that have been arranged for your next phase.

As you take a step toward this change, you will gain more clarity of your place in this beautiful world. Keep in mind, your new path will be revealed to you one step at a time, so trust that everything is going to work out just fine.

It's important to understand that there can be other reasons why you keep seeing divine number 555, and only you will know what resonates with you. To begin, here is WILLOW SOUL's list of the spiritual meanings and reasons why you keep seeing 555 everywhere at unexpected times.

1st Meaning of 555: Prepare For A Change

What does 555 mean? When you keep seeing the time 5:55 or 555, the significant meaning of 555 is that there will be a surprise or a significant change in the direction of your life. This change will alter your pace so you can see a different view of your life that was once hidden from your sight. With your new perspective, you are being urged to have an open mind for all the new knowledge that you will gain in the transitions that will take place. At your core, you know that change is an essential part of your transformation, and it is bringing in a new phase where you will adapt to living in different ways.

Be aware, you are always adjusting and progressing with life's constant changes at every age. And as you evolve, your newly discovered strengths will help you face obstacles that need to be resolved.

As an example, imagine giant boulders are blocking your path. As you try to jump over them to get to the other side, you discover how high you can leap into the sky. At the same time, you learn how far up you can soar when you did not know you were even capable of going up anymore. By this, you realize that leaping higher makes you stronger, and soaring farther gives you strength.

From that view, you understand that strength is not gained from a path that is clear of obstacles. Strength is gained when obstacles are thrown on your path, so you can realize your potential to become something great. To be great, you have to gain strength to sustain the length of your crusade, and this strength comes by facing all challenges that come your way.

For that very reason, when you see the 555 Angel Number, the meaning is to always focus on developing your strengths and doing more of what you are good at, so you will then generate positive energy that will give you the power to attract more strength to manage life's disadvantages. The greater your strengths, the stronger your magnetism to attract even more positive energy to endure the hurdles toward life's goals.

However, if you focus on weaknesses, you will create a negative vortex that will deplete your energy. When you give too much attention to a negative quality, such as insecurity, your energy will be emptied. And as a result, there will not be enough remaining energy to attain a goal or victory. Thus, you grow weak and unsteady. Remember, you become what you concentrate on.

Above all, the obstacles that you are given are truly a sign of the Creator’s love and desire to make you strong in soul power, so you can gain the strength to eventually enter the Kingdom of the Creator. With this soul reminder, you understand that your life's sole role is to be your very own hero.

Remember, the lesson of every challenge you go through is an awakening to a higher level of awareness in your life. Every day, you are awakening and coming closer to the understanding of where you are in your human journey. And in the big picture, you realize that every change in your life is a wake-up call -- a step toward your freedom and a step toward liberation for all.

2nd Meaning of 555: Break Free From Addictions

If you are at the most unpleasant stage of your life, seeing 555 means allowing a Higher Power to guide you on a path to detach from addictive habits and bring your life back on track.

Spiritually, you are waking up and remembering the connection with your soul. On your journey, you are learning more about who you truly are with soul intuition at your core. And when you take the time to seek answers inside, you become liberated with knowledge as your guide. By being flexible and open-minded, you are learning more, because you have a better chance to receive divine information and discover so much more.

In your pursuit of knowledge, you know that truth comes from the Divine. You have a soulful knowing that true freedom takes place when you are no longer attached or bonded to certain people, places, things, and perceived imperfections that chain you from moving in a fulfilling direction. So, instead of carrying the weight of the chains with you, you are being urged to cut the chains that restrain you.

In this stillness, you hear an inner voice encouraging you to find your strength to break free from addictions that cloud your ability to clearly see what it truly means to be free.

Whether the addiction is physical or behavioral, you find your courage to ask the Divine to help you. And at the right time, you will be guided to specialized individuals who will light the way out of your cave. Because others have already gone through what you are going through, you have an inner knowing that you are going to be okay.

By deciding to take responsibility at this time, you begin breaking the cycle of addiction, and you start creating changes that move you forward in life. And with every step forward you take, you will build confidence and develop the strength to find your way.

Along the way, if you lose focus and feel hopeless, you will remember that the Divine Creator is always with you. When you feel the Divine's spark in your heart, you will realize that you are truly never alone and apart. To hear clearer, you shed restless thoughts that bring doubt in the form of clouds. And in this silence, you realize that you cannot get lost in the dark when you can hear your soul's warmhearted thoughts. It is in this moment that you begin to perceive that your soul is weaved in Infinity.

When you realize that you are One with Infinity, you understand that you are an offspring of the Infinite Being, and you inherited an inner power that fuels your ability to break free. By keeping your focus on where you want to be, your determination becomes the magnet that will attract the help you need to succeed. In this frame of mind, when you keep seeing 555, it means that help is on your side to untie the binds, and there is hope to guide you through to the "other side" where you are free to build a new life.

May Peace guide you to where it is safe to break free.

3rd Meaning of 555: Choose The Path Of True Freedom

What does constantly seeing 555 mean? On your path of self-discovery, seeing 555 means it is time to use "freedom" as your guiding light to help you make the next decision in your life. And to describe this beacon of light, here is an example of "the Christ."

The honorary title "the Christ" was given to Jesus of Nazareth. The title was used to respectfully address him as "Jesus the Christ," and he came to be known as "Jesus Christ." It is important to note that "Christ" means "anointed," and Jesus was considered the "anointed one" or "Divine chosen one" to teach the meaning of true freedom.

In numerology, the number values of the letters in "Christ" add up to 32 (3+8+9+9+1+2=32) and reduce to 5 (3+2=5). And symbolically important, the number 5 represents freedom. When you see the number 5 repeated three times – 555 – this represents a stronger sign of true freedom. To achieve true freedom, Jesus taught how you can choose positive ways of living that lift and lighten your soul, rather than choosing negative ways of living that trap and enslave it. Thus, the meaning of seeing 555 is to let freedom guide your decisions in life.

To "know" which way is right, Jesus emphasized the importance of seeking answers by building your relationship with the Divine. As you intimately share your thoughts and feelings with the Divine, you walk through the doorway to the Infinite Light. And through this passageway, you are being urged to use your inner experience of the Divine Creator's actual presence in your life, so you can intuitively recognize truth, and attain inner knowledge as your guide.

The more you can attune yourself to the Divine, the less you will be distracted by the worldly noise outside. With spiritual insight, you remember that you were created to be free, and true freedom is the real treasure that you are seeking in life's adventure.

When you have the desire to seek the truth, a path to know the truth will unfold for you. And as you seek, "the truth shall set you free." With your inner being rooted in truth, you remember to choose the path that brings peace and happiness eternally, instead of choosing the path that brings peace and happiness temporarily.

On the whole, your decision of choosing eternal peace and happiness will expand and liberate your soul. And at the right time, it will be your destiny to re-unite with the Divine and merge back into the Infinite Light.

4th Meaning of 555: Consciously Receive Divine Grace To Spread Positive Change

Going a step further, the meaning of 555 is to learn how to mindfully receive grace so you can be Divinely guided to spread positive change. Spiritually, "555" represents Divine grace, and Divine grace is the natural presence of God's energy flowing into your life – every day.

As a human, you are naturally alive by the power of God's energy at this present time. In this alliance, you are a descendant of the Divine, and Divine energy is nourishing your entirety. With every breath you take, you remember that God's energy fulfills everything that you are successfully attaining in your life. From a spiritually higher view, you become more confident in your actions when you are aware of receiving Divine energy, and you allow the Divine to take over and take action through you.

Being aware of receiving Divine energy, also referred to as consciously receiving God's grace, can be further explained by one of the miracles of Jesus Christ. In the Biblical story "Feeding of the 5,000," Jesus Christ was faced to feed a hungry crowd of 5,000 people that gathered to hear him speak. With only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, Jesus prayed, gave thanks for what he had, and was open to receive God's grace. Then, he broke the bread and fish into pieces, and the pieces miraculously increased and multiplied for everyone to be fed.

The 555 pattern in the Bible story of Jesus feeding 5,000:
5 = Numerological vibration of the letters in "Christ"
5 = Crowd of 5,000 people
5 = Five loaves of bread

In this miracle, "555" symbolizes the presence of God's grace or God's energy. Jesus was a powerful channel of God's energy flowing outward into the world. As a channel of God's energy, Jesus changed a situation of lack into a situation of abundance. By being consciously open to receiving a stream of God's energy, Jesus channeled God's energy to miraculously feed thousands of hungry men, women, and children, and he still ended up with food in excess. As you can see from this miracle, Jesus is an example of channeling God's grace, and God's grace is the "power" that makes all things possible in the first place. And you, as a child of the Divine, are encouraged to do the same.

You can knowingly receive grace when your attention is silently focused on the Divine while you intently invite peace into your heart and your mind. As you strengthen this sacred connection in prayer and meditation, you become aware that God's grace flows from within you, not outside of you. In this stillness, you are reminded that "the kingdom of God is within you," and hence, God is within you. Behind your heart and your mind, you will find the power of the Divine.

When you allow your inner experience of God to grow, you will feel the power of God's energy grow even more within you. The more you can raise your awareness of the flow of God's energy within you, the more that you can succeed in doing things better because you understand that God is doing them through you.

Therefore, when you keep seeing 555, it means to use spiritual insight from your heart and mind to clearly see and feel God's energy engulf and fulfill you, so you can be Divinely guided to use and direct that energy to increase and multiply your gifts and talents to serve the people in your life. As you share and spread God's good energy through your gifts and talents with your human family, you are ultimately helping God create positive change on your earthly plane, and your actions will inspire others to eventually do the same.

With your heart and mind full of grace, the world is truly a better place with you in it.

5th Meaning of 555: Change Your Perspective In Life

What does it mean when you are consistently seeing 555? The meaning of seeing 555 is to be flexible in your view of life. Because the world displays delusions that distract you from the Truth, the energy of 555 is urging you to change your perspective in life, and seek the Truth with your spiritual eye. In doing so, you develop the curiosity to explore the Wisdom that resides deep within you.

By traveling to the sacred space of your inner core in meditation, your spiritual eye sees something new, and you intuitively know it is your soul's view. It is important to note that your spiritual eye, also known as your "third eye" located at the center between your eyebrows, is your eye of intuition. During deep meditation, your spiritual eye will gaze into an endless space where all physical matter fades away. And when you focus on the stillness of this infinite space, your breath will carry you on floating waves. With every breath you take, you will feel Divine energy flow in and out of your spiritual eye as this energy continues its flow up and down the tunnel of your spine. With consistent and dedicated practice, you will feel pressure crowning your spiritual eye, and then you will sense an attracting force that will pull your soul closer to the Kingdom of the Divine.

When you eventually arrive in a calming meditative state, you will see a 5-pointed star shining brightly at the Kingdom's Gate. The 5-pointed star represents God -- the Divine -- the Highest Consciousness. And from God's Consciousness, you were born. In that Almighty Light, the shape of the 5-pointed star represents mankind's design of 1 head with 2 arms and 2 legs extended wide. With your spiritual eye, you now see that your soul was made in the starlight image of the Divine.

At the same time, the 555 pattern is presented in the human design with:
5 fingers of the hand,
5 toes of the feet, and
5 senses -- touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight.

As a child of the Divine, you inherited God's Love. And in this case, you remember that "being Love" is your original soul state. Additionally, you remember that every human is also made in the image of the Divine, and thus, every human is part of that Divine Love in your life. The more you can spiritually see the starlight Divine in everybody, the more you will "love the Divine" in everybody. As you realize this truth, you start to feel compassion for every person you meet, because you understand that each person is either your brother or sister looking for that same Love to feel whole and complete.

Therefore, if you are seeking a loving relationship in your human life, you realize that what you are "truly seeking" is the loving relationship of the Divine. Simply put, you are seeking the True Love that you were born from. Because you came from True Love, your ultimate goal is to find that True Love and merge back into that power of Love.

In the end, when you keep seeing 555, the meaning is to change your life's point of view and see the world through God's view. When you change your perspective, you develop a new awareness and have a higher and wider view of everything around you. And from this divine view, you see God's image in every person that meets you. In this respect, you recognize the Love in your neighbor, and your neighbor recognizes the same Love in you.

With Love and honor, we bow to you.

6th Meaning of 555: Make A Decision To Move Forward

When you are constantly seeing 555 appear in front of you, it means to make a decision on a certain life matter, so you can finally move in a direction toward your next chapter. Whether you decide "yes" or "no," seeing 555 is a divine message that your ultimate decision will trigger a change of situations toward your life's goals.

At your heart's core, you trust your intuition, and you understand that whatever you want to change in your life will help you move forward on your soul's mission. And like a needle of a compass, your soul is always guiding you to do what is right by steering you in the north direction of the Divine Light.

Importantly, you understand that morality is not what society or an authoritative person tells you what you should do, because what is right for another may not be right for you. If you are asked to do something that is not morally right, then you have the freedom of choice to politely say "no" and decline. For this reason, you do not always follow what you are being told. Instead, you follow the wisdom of your soul.

When you listen to your soul's wisdom as your guide, you will feel calmness and confidence in your heart, and you will intuitively prioritize what is right. The more that you are guided by what is morally right, the more you will find that everything you do will eventually come out all right. Specifically for you, the right decision will move you toward inner peace and freedom on your path of transformation.

If you are afraid of making a mistake, remember to connect with your soul's wisdom and listen with faith. With your positive attitude and hopeful expectation, your mind becomes filled with a calm sensation. And in this stillness, you will find the courage to trust your heartfelt decision.

Overall, when you keep seeing 555, it means to have strong faith that you are being divinely supported to make a decision that will affect situations toward your life's destination. And as soon as you make your decision, the universe will energetically rearrange itself so the things around you will change. At your core, you realize that you are a change-maker, and all the positive change you desire in this world must begin with you.

7th Meaning of 555: Communicate Wisely With Positive Words and Kindness

The meaning of 555 is to learn how to use the power of words to effectively communicate your thoughts with clarity. Words help you describe your thoughts. At the same time, words are energetically connected to your feelings. During communication, the words you express can magnify and enhance your feelings, and thus, your feelings become your experience. This is why it is important to choose your words wisely when you see 555; words intensify the feelings that attract positive or negative experiences in your life. Simply put, you attract and create what you repeatedly feel inside.

  1. Communicate With Positive Words

    The significance of 555 is to be mindful of the words you think, say, and write because they shape the story of your life. It is important to carefully choose words to express what you envision with your mind's eye and to create new situations that are aligned with your foresight. Everything in your world is a reflection of the thoughts in your mind. Therefore, everything can be transformed by changing the thoughts in your mind. In this way, by changing your thoughts, you can change the words that describe your thoughts about life.

    For example, if you were in a negative situation where you were unfairly treated by another person, you can change it into a positive situation by repeatedly using positive words to describe how you became stronger from that past instance. In doing so, you will experience energized feelings of being stronger, and thus, your feelings will attract and create positive experiences that will make you feel empowered.

    However, if you repeatedly use words that describe how your life was unfair from that past time, you will re-experience the same feelings of being unfairly treated during that timeline. And thus, your feelings will attract and create more negative experiences that will make you feel powerless inside.

    From that view, you understand that thoughts and words are creative forces from your mind, and whatever you give your energy to, you will attract into your life. Thus, when you keep seeing 555, the meaning is to give your energy to positive thoughts and positive words so you can attract and create positive changes in your life.

    Remember, everything begins with you, and the outer world arranges itself according to your point of view.

  2. Communicate With Kindness

    Even deeper, seeing 555 is a reminder to let the power of kindness be your guide. Kindness is the universal language that carries the energy of the Divine. And when you spread kindness to all humans on your earthly home, you will nourish your spiritual growth.

    You remember that your soul has a human body as a home, and your soul is the source where Divine energy flows. In this flow, the power of the Divine grows with every act of kindness from your soul. Therefore, to grow and strengthen your connection with the Divine, you understand the importance of being kind to all of mankind.

    Practice kindness with your loved ones at home first, and then you will radiate an aura of kindness around the people you meet to converse. Because humans are influenced by one another, you can spread kindness by being the first to express kind words to others.

    To start, purify your mind by thinking kind thoughts, so you can connect with the spark in your heart. In this connection, the power of kindness in your mind comes from the kindness that originates from the Divine. Your kind thoughts become your kind words, and your kind words become your actions in kindness. As long as you give kindness to others, life will give kindness back to you. In the bigger picture, you learn that your kindness attracts the Divine's kindness in return.

    As you spiritually sense the Divine spark radiating from every human heart, you are becoming more understanding and kind to all. Instead of drawing attention to a person's past faults, you are being urged to unlock the person from their flaws. By doing so, you are granting the person a chance of freedom to leave the past and show you what they can do to make an impact on your planet. Remember, every human learns and evolves from the past, so it is important to allow a person to progress into their best with their understanding of the knowledge they possess.

    Furthermore, if you are in a conversation with a person who has opinions that are different from your own, it is important to think and determine what you are trying to accomplish before sharing your point. Show your strength by remaining calm, and choose words that radiate your kindness in response. In this way, you know what you want to say and how you should say it with grace. When you communicate with others in a kind way, you will notice how others will respond to you in friendly ways.

    Most importantly, you realize that you can strengthen your impact when your mind is clear. With clarity, you consciously decide to start being more kind to every person in your life. In a spiritual view, you are truly being kind to the Divine within every human, which is the same Divine within you. Thus, the meaning of 555 is to be kind to the Divine in all disguises. And when you are kind to everyone else, you will understand the spiritual meaning of being kind to your True Self.

8th Meaning of 555: Pay Attention To The Lessons Around You

The meaning of 555 is to be aware of everything that is happening in your daily life and to pay attention to how you feel inside. With your insight, you sense that everything you see on the outside of your life is a reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that you hold inside. And like a mirror, the world is reflecting the inside of you. From that point of view, you understand that your reality in the world is being created from deep within you.

For example, if you regularly feel and think about what you fear in life, such as scarcity, then you will radiate an energetic vibration of scarcity. Like a magnet, you will attract situations that match the energy of scarcity, and you will face blocks to abundance and prosperity.

Likewise, if you regularly feel and think about what brings true happiness in your life, such as inner peace, then you will radiate an energetic vibration of that peace. At the same time, you will end certain relationships and let go of certain things that are not aligned with your peace of mind. Like a magnet, you will attract new situations that match the energy of peace that you seek, and the calmness of your conscious mind will be increased.

While it is important to pay attention to how you feel inside, it is equally important to observe the people around you on the outside. In this outer view, the people in your life are your "teachers" in disguise, and what they say or do can impact you. Specifically, they play a role in the transformation of who you are becoming. Whether they are family members, friends, coworkers, or other people you meet in your life's "movie," these individuals give you the opportunity to improve yourself by letting you see what they are doing. With observation, you realize their behavior helps you gain insight into your life's situation. And in this spotlight, what you see in others is what you see in yourself magnified.

For example, if you admire a person's inner strength for speaking up when something is not right, you are being given the opportunity to review your values and prepare to stand up for what is right for you. In this lesson, you are being urged to find your courage and share your voice at the appropriate time when something is not morally right. When you have the strength to stand firm in your good values, your courage will be admired by others watching you. And through your behavior, you will lead and inspire others to do the same as you. Your positive influence will help others to stand firm in what is right, and ultimately, you will realize that you are a role model and teacher to the people in your life.

On the other hand, if you dislike a certain person's behavior, you are being given the opportunity to see if you are behaving similarly. In this lesson, if you are not being respected in a professional or personal relationship, perhaps the other person's behavior is a mirror reflection of how you are treating others or yourself in another situation. To receive respect, you first need to behave respectfully toward someone else, and you are also encouraged to stand up for your values by "respecting your True Self."

With this awareness, you start to respect yourself by honoring your soul's desires. And by doing so, you are truly honoring the Divine Creator in you – the True You.

In the big picture, seeing 555 means the world is your greatest teacher and your lessons are being reflected all around you. Learning lessons help you move forward in the direction of your best self. And in the end, the best you can be is your True Self.

Conclusion: What Should You Do When You Keep Seeing 555?

The overall meaning of 555 is to welcome a change that will steer you to a new beginning. And to start a new beginning, you understand the importance of leaving the past and transitioning to a wiser way of living.

It is essential to note that when you hold on to negative energy from the past, you will keep attracting the same negative energy, along with the same negative experiences, into your present. With this realization, you choose to remove the things that are not helping you to personally improve, so you can make room and invite positive energy into your life's present.

In this way, when you see 555, the meaning is to stop replaying the past, so you can redirect your focus to where your soul yearns to be on your new path.

And as you move forward, you start to remember that your view of the world is created by your attitude. You may not be able to change certain situations in your life, but you can always change your attitude toward them.

For example, instead of remaining stuck and having a negative attitude of blaming others for certain life circumstances, your positive attitude of forgiving others liberates you to move on to something completely new.

In the next chapter, you will have the courage to step into an opportunity for something new, and you will have more clarity of what true happiness means to you. Keep in view, the people in your life act as your "teachers," and they teach you specific lessons in various situations. After learning each lesson, a certain situation in your life's theatrical play will change and fade away, so you can welcome the next learning opportunity on the world's main stage.

Thus, the next time you see Angel Number 555, the meaning is to keep learning and growing because the world will keep on teaching.

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  • Darikuu Derrick on | Techiman, Bono East, Ghana

    I am very glad about this 555 study. It has really helped me a lot.

  • Terry on | Boynton Beach, Florida, United States

    The timing of this information on 555 was unbelievable. I am moving forward with renewed spiritual beliefs and goals.

  • Gail on | Boynton Beach, Florida, United States

    This message could not have come at a better time than it has. I have gone through so much in my life. I often find myself living in past hurts — and pain. As much as I try not to go there, somehow, it creeps up so unexpectedly, and then I catch myself.

    Reading your beautiful message after seeing 5:55 has given me a renewed strength. I will follow your post. Thank you so much. I truly needed your wisdom to move forward. God Bless your wonderful work.

  • Cj on | Corpus Christi, Texas, United States

    The number 5 became a lucky or favorite number after a traumatic event. Finding out the meaning behind it has been very special and life-changing.

    Now, whenever the number 5 appears, I know it’s another divine sign. God’s love and mercy often come with blessings — a beautiful, perfect gift from above. God is Good.

  • Mel on | Austin, Texas, United States

    In the past 2 days, I have seen 555 3 times in a row. I intuitively knew that I was to pay attention to it, so I immediately pulled up your site as I do every time I receive a numeric synchronicity simply because you have the most profound insight on the topic.

    I received the confirmation that I knew I would, as always, without fail! While reading what you wrote, I saw about FIVE different words, phrases, and thoughts that I have literally said to others and myself in thought, and I even wrote down today before I saw the 3rd sync! It brought me chills!!

    I realized earlier today that an unpleasant yet major learning experience I have been going through actually brought me back to my inner core and restored my waning faith and belief in God and Jesus.

    What a beautiful and liberating feeling that was/is, and reading everything you wrote again brought me much more confirmation!!!

    I have been grieving over my recent breakup, and I have not been able to let go like I knew I needed and had to do until today. What an amazing feeling that is. It’s like feeling huge chains breaking into pieces and falling off and freeing me, and I feel so much lighter and have a long overdue inner peace within myself.

    I didn’t realize just how stifled I had allowed myself to become until I truly let it go. I can breathe again.

    Thank you for all that you do. There are no words that can express my gratitude for God using you as His vessel for all of us who need and yearn for His insight.

    I’m off to start my new chapter in this beautiful gift of life I have been blessed to receive! I haven’t felt this happy to be alive in a good while now! Praise God, and thank you again!

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