4 Reasons Why You Are Seeing 711 – The Meaning of 7:11

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4 Reasons Why You Are Seeing 711 – The Meaning of 7:11

Did you just see 7:11?  You were guided here to find out about the 711 meaning and why this divine 3-digit number is showing up on your path.

Seeing the 711 number sequence everywhere is not as coincidental as you may think. In fact, when you see 7:11 frequently, it means the Universe has a special message for you. Important messages can be delivered by divine spiritual beings, like angels and spirit guides, to help you make the best decisions in your life.  For this reason, your 711 angel message is to always be aware of your thoughts and feelings because the images you hold in your mind materialize in your life. Because everything is energy, every thought you have creates an energetic vibration around you that attracts people and experiences with the same energy.  So when you see angel number 711, you are being guided to keep your thoughts and feelings positive in order to attract positive things in your life at the right time that's best for you.  Remember always, like attracts like.  Rhonda Byrne, the author of "The Secret," said it simply: “Every single second is an opportunity to change your life, because in any moment you can change the way you feel.”

And the truth of the matter is that there is more than one meaning for 711, depending on your beliefs and how open you are to the metaphysical world.  Let’s start with the beginning and see the 4 spiritual meanings and reasons of why you are seeing the 711 number combination in your life at this time.

1st Meaning of 711: You Are Spiritually Evolving.

When you are repeatedly seeing 711 or 7:11 on the clock, the Universe wants to tell you that you are waking up to your innate desire to evolve and progress, and realizing that what you are truly seeking is meaning in your life.

You become aware of unresolved issues like guilt, shame, hurt, anger and unforgiveness that disturb your inner peace and deplete your physical, emotional and spiritual energy.  You start to recognize them as disguised blessings and opportunities for true self-healing.  By understanding that these experiences are lessons for soul growth, you begin to heal inside and evolve spiritually as you resolve more issues.

According to the ninth principle of Principles of Spiritual Psychology: Every time a single person resolves a single issue, angels rejoice and all of humanity moves forward in its evolution. In this sense, you become peaceful and loving when you resolve issues. When each person resolves an issue, one by one we’ll ultimately contribute to mankind’s evolution as a whole. Remember, we’re all here to help each other!

When you become more aware of your own ability to heal within, you begin to break down the walls that were previously built around you so you can finally move forward and discover the path to freedom for true inner peace.

And as you go through life, every experience – whether you view it as good, bad or neutral – is growth for your soul. Nothing is ever wasted because every experience will help you further your spiritual evolution. Experience means progress and it is your pathway back to the Universal Source from which you came. This is also the common goal of everything that lives.

“The challenges we face in life are always lessons that serve our soul’s growth.” – Marianne Williamson, American Spiritual Teacher

2nd Meaning of 711: Remove Old Beliefs to Create a New Life.

Number 711 is about releasing fears and old beliefs learned from childhood or early adulthood. You begin to realize that these old beliefs are not truths, so you start to shed these old ways of living. You have learned your lessons well and it’s time to finally leave these limiting beliefs so you can move forward to reach your full potential and attract new experiences in the next phase of your life.

As you step into the next cycle, keep in mind that nothing is a coincidence. Experiences are arranged with souls that have all agreed to play out their appropriate roles in your life. You can view your life like a movie and you’re in the starring role. Someone is playing the role of your best friend while someone else is playing the role of your foe. Every situation is teaching you a lesson you need to learn.

It's alright to go through the same experiences many times because there is always something to be learned. The Universe understands how life works so there are no judgments toward you, no matter what you do. The Universe simply sees your beautiful soul making its way back to the Divine Light. The whole purpose of being on earth is to grow through these experiences.

So be brave and take new steps toward your higher version. If not, you will just feed your old limiting beliefs. Your first step can be small and it doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to be in the direction of your highest potential. Just do it!

Remember this: “Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must, but take a step.” – Naeem Callaway, Founder, Get Out The Box, Inc.

3rd Meaning of 711: Connect With Your Higher Self Through Your Heart.

Seeing 711 brings the message of following the path of your heart. If you have spent your life living in your head, pushing yourself hard and proving yourself to the world, it’s probably a good time to look within and follow that internal nudge or voice that makes life flow easier than banging on doors that are currently shut to you.

Your intuition, that soft voice that guides you, lives in your heart. It is where your True Self resides – your Higher Self – the one that truly knows what is best for you and steers you in the direction of your life plan that you created before you incarnated on earth. When you’re busy with your day-to-day activities and responsibilities, it’s difficult to hear your heart because the influence of others may at times stray you from your path. But when you find time to slow down and be quiet, you can finally hear, see or feel your Higher Self and get information about why you’re here on earth and what steps to take next.

If you follow and trust your heart and things didn’t work out as expected, it doesn’t mean that you made a mistake. There was probably a lesson that you needed to learn from that experience. Remember that your life unfolds at the right time to reveal certain things for your soul growth.

If your decisions are rooted in fear, your brain will pay attention to fear and let it guide your thinking. But letting go of fear can open your heart to self-acceptance and self-love so you can experience freedom and live in a way that is true to yourself and to your purpose. It helps you create a “fearless heart.”

By living in tune with your heart that connects you to your Higher Self, you’ll be lead to places that will always be best for you. And when you see the beauty in your new experiences even if things don’t seem to be working out, be grateful that you’re one step closer to knowing what does work in your life. You’ll be wiser!

So when you see 7:11, it’s a message for you to connect with your Higher Self to guide you on your next action steps in your life plan. Your life may possibly be steered in a whole new direction as your Higher Self points you toward what is right for you.

Editor's Note: If you're interested in herbal healing, Hawthorn is the best-known herb for heart health. On a spiritual level, Hawthorn puts your heart back in its rightful place at the throne. By making decisions with your heart instead of your head, you create a new source of trust and self-love. Hawthorn's energy is like the pulse of the human heartbeat. When meditating with Hawthorn, you can align with Hawthorn's energy to help you let go of fear. As fear is released, the path for the energy of love is opened. For this reason, Hawthorn is magical for healing affairs of the heart.

4th Meaning of 711: Transform Into Your True Self.

In numerology, 711 carries the energy of 7 and 1. Number 7 represents knowledge gained through experience, inner wisdom, intuition, enlightenment, spiritual awakening and good fortune (“lucky number 7”). With this number, people are intelligent and wise, with the desire to learn and grow. Additionally, 7 represents your crown chakra situated at the top of your head (the 7th chakra “energy vortex” within your body). The crown chakra is your spiritual connection to the Divine source of Creation (the gateway to the energy of the Universe) where you accept love and wisdom and receive information about your soul gifts and life mission.

Meanwhile, the number 1 represents inspiration, new beginnings, self-leadership, independence, and growth. The meaning of the number 1 is more powerful when doubled as the number 11. In this regard, the number 11 is also a Master Number that teaches you how to master your life. This means that you're going to be tested with challenges in order to master being true to yourself and having the courage and leadership to take action to manifest your soul’s purpose.

When the numbers are combined as 711, it’s a message for you to listen to your heart and trust the Universe guiding your intuition. It relates to moving forward (or starting over) and pursuing goals and ambitions. Hence, the meaning of 711 stands for moving towards your divine life path so you can achieve your spiritual goals and step into your True Self.

Additionally, 711 adds up to the number 9 (7+1+1=9). The number 9 symbolizes the end of a cycle, like completing unfinished business or reaching conclusions, and letting go of the old to make space for new experiences. These actions will help you in the spiritual process of stepping into the next phase of your life. It’s a time when your dreams can manifest faster if you’re ready to release yourself emotionally, mentally and physically from people or situations that no longer serve your highest good.

So remember this, seeing 711 (or the number 9) means trusting yourself to have the courage to move forward and transforming your life beyond the way that you currently live. This process starts from within. As you change, your life will also change. You will pursue the goals that are right for you in this lifetime and you will become your True Self.

“If you want to give birth to your true self, you are going to have to dig deep down into that body of yours and let your soul howl.” – Gabrielle Roth, Meditative Dance Teacher (1941 - 2012)

What Should You Do Next When You See 711?

Seeing 7:11 is divine encouragement for you to maintain a good attitude towards the things that happen in your life. The key to positive thinking, positive affirmations, and positive visualizations is the act of “positive doing” which leads to creation. Because energy flows where your attention goes, all creation is rooted in intention.

American philosopher Wayne Dyer said, “Our intention creates our reality.” In other words, the intentions you set today will influence the life you live tomorrow. By focusing on what you want with thoughts, feelings, and actions, your intentions will create your desired future.

As you move forward, listen to your inner voice and follow it. It may lead you to unexpected places, but those places will always be the best for you. Keep your focus on your life’s positives, embrace what comes and trust that everything in your life at this very moment has brought you to where you are now: on the path of self-discovery. As your life goal is continually being revealed to you, you are becoming more aware of your true potential.

The journey is not always an easy path, but it’s worth taking. The freedom that you will feel within yourself is the reward, but the biggest gift is your inner knowing that everything is perfect, everything is exactly how it should be, and everything will work out fine according to the master plan of the Universe.

The Universe is in you. Everything around you that can guide you is actually within you. And the best way to trust the Universe is to learn to trust yourself because you already have all the answers. Trusting and believing in yourself activates an incredible power within you so you have access to divine knowledge in order to follow your own guidance. Don’t give anyone more power than yourself.

Take a look at where you are in life right now. Is it time to change course? The decision is up to you.

By living in tune with your heart, you’ll bring more of what you’re looking for into your life because your heart knows your true desires. It wants to guide you in the direction that you really want to go. So when you listen to your heart, you're on the path to who you are truly meant to be.

Remember this: You heart will always tell you what you really need, not what you want.

“The power is in you. The answer is in you. And you are the answer to all your searches: you are the goal. You are the answer. It’s never outside.” – Eckhart Tolle, Author, “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth”

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  • Tina Smith on

    Since my father died unexpectedly of brain cancer at 7:11 pm, I have noticed this number appearing everywhere in my life. In fact, yes, it sent me here tonight. I looked at my phone, it was 7:11. Ready to freak out? My husband of 26 years was born on 7/11, and my mother was born on 11/7. This just is so trippy, but I am glad I read this tonight. I want to listen to my heart and get out of my head.

  • Ayush Tiwari on

    I have been seeing the number 7:11 almost every day! At first, I thought it was a coincidence but then I realized that seeing it all the time cannot be a coincidence. Now, I’m ready to change my life. I’m going to quit my addictions and start a new life. Thank you.

  • Brenda on

    I’m packing up the house I have lived in for 21 years to start on a new adventure. These numbers keep coming up recently. I haven’t been getting much sleep. Last night, I asked the angels to help me get a peaceful and full night’s sleep. I slept through the night and when I turned over to see the time upon waking, it was 7:11. 💜 Thank you 🙏

  • Junell on

    I have been seeing 711 a lot. So much that I just couldn’t brush it off as a coincidence. As I was setting my alarm just now, my alarm said it would go off in 7 hours and 11 min. Like, come on 😳. So I decided to Google it and I’m glad I did because what I read about those numbers does apply to my life. Funny thing is that’s my youngest child’s birthday 😍. Such a blessing! Thank you, God 😘 🙌

  • Marlyn Long on

    Back in 2008, I lost my dear sister. Her birthday was on 7-11. After her death, I kept seeing 711 all the time.

    Also, my husband and I were going through a divorce, but we worked in the same place, and 711 kept coming up. I felt as though my sister was trying to tell me something.

    I moved to an apartment that I didn’t like so I decided to look for a house to buy. My realtor was a Christian and I called him Double D. The last property we looked at was “my little cabin” in the woods that I’ve always wanted. After Double D showed the property to me, I felt that it was “the one.” The house was listed under another realtor, but I called Double D the next day to see and go through the property once more, just to be sure.

    His wife and her helper met me at the house. The wife and I were at the end of the driveway and the helper said, “The realtor’s lock won’t open.” Next, the wife called Double D, and then he had to call the other realtor to get the lock combination in order to open the house. Suddenly, the wife yelled to her helper, “711, it will open!”

    Then, the wife turned and looked at me and I said to her, “Tell Double D that he just sold this house to me.”

    With an odd look on her face, she told Double D what I said while he was still on the phone. I said to her, “I have been seeing those numbers.”

    She replied, “Oh, yes, you told me about that.” The wife had known my story about 711 and my sister passing on 7-11.

    I knew this is where I’m supposed to be. I love my gift from God.

    Thanks for reading.

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