10 Reasons Why You Are Seeing Angel Signs – The Meaning of Angel Signs

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10 Reasons Why You Are Seeing Angel Signs – The Meaning of Angel Signs

Did you receive a sign from an angel, or did you feel touched by an angel? Trust it is a blessing to receive angel signs in response to your prayer or in time of need.  You were guided here to uncover the meaning of these angel signs and to understand how they are helping you on your journey through this time.

Divine signs can appear before, during, or after significant events in your life, especially when a loved one has passed away. A deceased loved one can become your spirit guide, and along with angels, they can gift you with signs to bring hope and comfort when you feel alone and disconnected, or when you need encouragement. For this reason, know that when you see a divine sign, you are being helped and assisted by spiritual beings, like spirit guides and angels, from higher realms.

These high vibrational beings are always by your side and they are here to help you fulfill your life mission on earth.  They guide you safely on your path by sending you clues. Specifically, they do this by communicating through signs and symbols like repeating numbers, feathers, coins, rainbows, clouds, tingling sensations, smells, orbs of light, epiphanies, animals, plants, ringing in the ears, song lyrics, and dreams. All you have to do is pay attention to these signs and understand the meaning of their angelic messages.

In this article, the focus will be on angels. Unlike spirit guides, angels never lived a human life. Angels are beautiful celestial beings that were specifically created by God to give you as gifts. They are messengers sent to you by the Divine Creator to help you in all aspects of your life.  Keep in mind that there are many different signs from angels, and it's important to access your intuition and find out what the divine signs mean to you. 

Remember, you have all the wisdom within you so it's safe to trust your feelings. To help guide you, here is a list of meanings for the 13 most common angel signs that might be appearing in your life and the 10 spiritual reasons why you are seeing them.

13 Most Common Angel Signs

Angels communicate with you in various ways, in most cases, through signs and symbols. Whenever you see these angel signs, the message is clear: your guardian angel is close by, watching over you, and assisting you. The sign is to give you the reassurance that you're exactly where you need to be as your life is unfolding perfectly according to the master plan of the Universe.  The most common angel signs are:

1st Angel Sign: Repetitive Numbers
Seeing repetitive number patterns like 11:11 and 444 are divine signs that an angel is trying to communicate with you. These repeating numbers have significant messages that help you make better choices in life.

2nd Angel Sign: Feathers
Finding feathers in places where they are not commonly found is a sign that your angel is giving you encouragement to keep going on your path.

3rd Angel Sign: Pennies and Other Coins
Finding pennies, dimes, or other shiny coins is an angel’s way of telling you that you have divine support. The Universe is working behind the scenes to bring you what you need, not what you want.

4th Angel Sign: Rainbows
Seeing rainbows without the presence of rain is a clear angel sign that everything will work out fine. Remember to keep your thoughts positive and the Universe will work itself out for your highest benefit.

5th Angel Sign: Cloud Shapes
Seeing an angel, face, flower, heart, and other symbol-shaped clouds in the sky are signs from your angel to let you know that you're not alone in your journey.  Your guardian angel is by your side waiting for you to ask for help.

6th Angel Sign: Chills or Feelings of Being Touched
Experiencing an angel's touch or a tingling sensation down your spine or other parts of your body is a sign indicating truth, especially when you suddenly see or hear something.  Your angel is letting you know that you are in the presence of divine wisdom.

7th Angel Sign: Smells or Scents
Smelling pleasant aromas, especially from plants or flowers, that randomly come out of nowhere, is a sure sign that one of God's army of archangels is giving you peace and comfort while you're going through a time of soul growth.

8th Angel Sign: Colored Orbs or Sparkles of Light
Seeing orbs, flashes, or sparkles of colored light is a sign that you are becoming more aware of your human experience on earth. This angel sign is letting you know that you're ascending to a higher vibrational level of existence where you can clearly see and understand things that you were not able to see and understand before.

In matters of the heart, if you are seeing green sparkles, it can be a sign of harmony and restoration from Archangel Raphael who is the angel of healing. Always have faith that you are protected and safe. Just trust.

9th Angel Sign: Epiphany or Sudden Revelation
Having an epiphany or sudden brilliant idea is a sign from your angel sending information to you in order to help you with a solution.  You simply have this "sense of knowing" of what you’re meant to do next.  

10th Angel Sign: Ringing in the Ears
Hearing a random high-pitch ringing sound in one or both of your ears for a brief moment is a way for celestial beings to communicate with you.  It's a sign that important coded information is being sent to you, and often times, this information is a divine message that you can use to help you with a life situation when you need it most.  Most importantly, when you hear the ringing, use your intuition to sense what kind of message is being presented to you.  Trust that deep down at the core of your soul, you know that you're safe and the information will be revealed at the right time just for you.

11th Angel Sign: Hearing Music or Songs
Hearing music or songs unexpectedly is a sign from your angel sending information to you in order to help you with a solution or give you a message about a certain person or situation.  For this reason, it's important for you to pay attention to the words or lyrics of the music that you hear so you can understand the message being presented.  By way of example, if you've been thinking about a certain person or issue, the song lyrics can provide more information to help you deal with a personal situation. In the end, it's best to listen to your heart and trust.

12th Angel Sign: Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies, and Other Animals
Seeing a hummingbird, butterfly, dragonfly, or another animal that crosses your path unexpectedly is an angel sign.  Each wildlife creature has a powerful message (or lesson) for you in your life journey.

For instance, a hummingbird is always searching for sweet nectar deep within flowers, and flowers love the hummingbird because it draws out the nectar from the flower it pollinates. For this reason, the hummingbird is associated with the healing properties of flowers. With this in mind, if you've been thinking about changing careers and a hummingbird suddenly shows up in your life, the overall spiritual message for you is to explore a healing career with flowers and herbs.  The hummingbird teaches you to detect and use certain plants for medicinal uses.

So remember this, whatever animal shows up in your life, you are to explore the hidden message of the animal's symbolism to help guide you on your path.

13th Angel Sign: Seeing Angels or Other Divine Signs in a Dream
Remembering that you saw a celestial being, silhouette, or other divine shape or sign in your dream is a true blessing from your angel. It's a strong spiritual message to provide you comfort and peace when you're in need of strength during times of distress, or if you're about to transition from this life to the next.  

Overall, the key thing to remember is that angels are around you all the time, and they make their presence felt whenever you need them the most for support and guidance.

10 Reasons Why You're Seeing Angel Signs

1st Reason: You Are Spiritually Awakening 
One clear reason why you are seeing angel signs is that you’re awakening and becoming more conscious of yourself and your journey. When this happens, your frequency raises and you are able to tune in to higher dimensional beings for information that will help you on your path. For this reason, your guardian angel wants to tell you that this is a significant time for you to become your true self and be honest with what you want to leave behind as your legacy on earth.

2nd Reason: You Have Complete Divine Support 
The reason for seeing angel signs is that you need guidance and your angel is letting you know that you have divine support. The angel message is that you are always assisted throughout your journey. You just need to ask for help and have faith that what you need will come in unexpected ways.

3rd Reason: Your Journey is Unfolding Perfectly
When you’re in disbelief about your life path or question whether you’ve made the right decision, seeing angel signs is a clear indicator that you need to trust how your life unfolds. The angel signs serve as reminders of encouragement for you to persevere and push yourself to become the best version you can be.

4th Reason: You're Part of Something Greater 
Another reason why you’re seeing angel signs is that you have a false belief that you’re completely alone and helpless. Your angel wants to tell you that you're not separate.  In truth, you are a part of the Universe and collectively, we all make up the whole Universe. As a thread, you intertwine with other threads, and in the big picture, we work together and form life's tapestry.  For this reason, we're all connected as One.

5th Reason: You're Being Watched Over and Protected
Your guardian angel is here to help and protect you.  You will experience their sign as a flash of inspiration or a sudden vision whenever you need help in a situation.  The information will come to you naturally at the right time when you need it most.

6th Reason: You're Beginning to Remember Who You Truly Are 
Seeing angel signs is a clear indicator that you need to remember the divine nature of your being.  You've always carried the spark of the Creator's flame within your heart and now it's time to turn that spark into a flame. So when you receive an angel sign, it's time to become the light instead of searching for it.  Always remember: You are the light.

7th Reason: You're Ready for Healing 
Your guardian angel is always sending signs to help guide you on your journey. You'll know when it's time to change paths when you feel disconnected in life.  So whenever you need help, you will see angel signs that point to a new direction.  Keep in mind, your old wounds often need to heal before you take another path.  In this sense, trust yourself a little bit more and know that your experiences on earth were planned to help you learn and grow into your higher self.  Remember this: Everything is happening for you and not against you!

8th Reason: You're in Sync with Your Higher Self 
Synchronicity is a clear sign that you're in the right place at the right time and angels are sending signs to capture your attention at that particular moment.  When you see repetitive angel number signs, know that it's not a coincidence.  Seeing 11:11, 3:33, 4:44, or other repeating numbers is an indicator that you are in tune with your authentic self and the number signs serve as guideposts to help you make decisions along your journey. So pay attention to the numbers that appear on your path and remember to ask your guardian angel for help whenever you need clarity.

9th Reason:  Your Angel is Always With You 
When you're not living in the present moment, it's not easy to consciously tune in to your guardian angel's messages. But when you are living in "the now" and being aware of everything around you in that exact moment, it will be easier for you to notice the clues and signs and hear the angelic messages. For this reason, when you receive a divine sign, trust that your angel is with you and trying to get your attention.

10th Reason: You Are Love
Whenever you are sensing your guardian angel's presence around you, trust that your angel is delivering a message of unconditional love to you.  The angel signs you see are to help you remember that you are truly and completely loved.  Because you are a perfect expression of the Divine Creation, the Divine is always inside of you, and for this reason, you always resonate with truth.  Remember, you are created on something good and everlasting, something pure and true – and this defines your very essence.  You are love.

What Should You Do Next When You See an Angel Sign?

Have an attitude of gratitude for your guardian angel's love and assistance when you receive a sign. If you feel unsure, ask your guardian angel for clear signs and messages so it's easy for you to understand.  You can ask in silence or out loud and be patient as the answer you seek will be revealed to you at the right time. To help you develop your relationship with angels and the Creator and to become more in tune with their presence, below are some basic ways for you to receive their signs and messages:

  • Pray and Meditate: Remember this: When you pray, you are talking to God, and when you meditate, you hear His answers. In meditation, you realize that when you focus on your breath as you inhale divine energy (peace) into your body, you trigger an action that allows peace to push out all of your worries from your body. And in this process, you are enveloped in peace in order to hear the answers you seek. Listen with your heart.
  • Journal or Write Letters: Express your feelings and desires into words to the Creator and your angels.  You can keep your written words in a safe place or "mail" them to the universe by burning them. By expressing your feelings, you are communicating your desires to your spiritual divine team. Imagine and have faith that you will receive the answers you seek. Express your soul.
  • Light Candles: Light candles to physically remind you that the Divine Light is already within you. You don't have to seek the light, because you are the light. God is within you, and you are within God. Because you are one with God, lighting a candle is a reminder of your oneness. Just like the Creator, shine your light wherever you go and be the guide for peace.

Bear in mind that your guardian angel was assigned to you at the time of your birth and your angel is here with you now – right now. It’s just a matter of being presently quiet and tuning in to the angel signs and messages by paying attention to everything that happens around you. There are clues everywhere on your journey.  Whenever you are seeing angel signs, rest assured that they are divine messages of love and light to help guide you on your path safely.

Remember, you’re never alone. Although there are certain situations where angels might not be able to answer your specific requests because they have something better in store for you, trust that the angels are always with you and are constantly looking for ways to help you.  

All you have to do is ask.

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  • Jessica M. on | Brea, California, United States

    Hi, my name is Jessica.

    I’m writing this in the hopes that someone can help me with what I’m currently going through and maybe explain why this is happening to me. All of a sudden, this started happening to me when my mom passed away a little over 2 years ago.

    About 6 months after she passed away on her birthday, I posted a memorial on Facebook honoring her. Long story short, I was sitting in my backyard holding my disabled min pin, and as I looked up in the sky, I started seeing angel wings and large white orbs flying everywhere. I was in shock. I told my husband to come and look, but he said, “I don’t see anything.”

    I was mesmerized, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. I told my adult son and couldn’t stop talking about it to my family. As time passed, I started seeing all kinds of things every day, like large angels as big as street signs that would illuminate a whitish color in the sky.

    Even when I walk my dogs, I would look up in the sky and they would always be there. Sometimes, my hands would buzz when I would see them. As time passed, I have become stressed, because the visions do not stop. I was afraid a lot and just overwhelmed, crying, and saying, “What is happening to me?” I couldn’t sleep well, and I was always on edge.

    I have also seen white orbs in my house and have had feelings of being touched a lot. I also have little orbs bouncing in front of my face, and when they bounce and glimmer in front of me, they shoot up to the sky and they take the form of angels.

    When I tell my husband and son what is going on, they just don’t know what to say. I wanted to make sure that I was physically ok, so I went to the doctor and had an MRI to the brain and had my eyes checked. All the tests came out fine.

    I know everything I see is real. I even went to Best Buy and bought an Arlo infrared camera in hopes I would catch something on video. I placed the camera in the living room and bedroom. The next morning, I played back the video, and I captured several white orbs flying through both rooms. Before this ever happened to me, I never knew what an orb was. My husband and son are sort of machismo, and they were kind of in shock but not very supportive.

    To this day, I see flying angels and figures whenever I look up to the sky. It’s been 2 years and this is all still going on. I’m skeptical in regards to Mediums because I was raised Catholic. I didn’t know who to turn to, but I did see one lady who wasn’t very accurate with her reading (though, she did say she felt I was born like this, and I have always had this gift). Can anyone please let me know what they think all of this is? Is it a gift?

    God bless and thank you,

  • Linda on | North Bend, Ohio, United States

    In Oct. 2018, my son, Joe, died suddenly at age 33. When he passed away, I was so overcome with depression and grief. I didn’t think I would be able to go on. I prayed every day for a sign to let me know he was OK.

    On Jan. 7, 2019, at 3 am, I remembered a dream. I saw a beautiful blue and gold almost-like-fog and a silhouette of a man. He spoke to me very softly and said, “Do not worry. Your son is with me.” I truly believe it was Jesus Christ.

    I sat up in bed, just shaking. I couldn’t believe what I had just experienced. There is no word that exists in the human language that can describe the pain of the loss of your child, but I believe this blessing was given to me to help soften the pain.

    Two days before my son passed away, he purchased a very expensive phone. Unfortunately, I could not access the phone, because I did not know his email or password. Several people tried to help me but no success. I eventually went to Walmart where the phone was purchased and met a very nice young lady. She took me in the backroom and began using a computer and was able to give me the paperwork I needed to access the phone. I began to cry.

    After 8 months of sadness, I finally felt happiness. She walked me to the front of the store and hugged me, and I felt a great calming come over me. She then pointed to her name tag. Her name was Angel. I truly believe she was an angel and was sent to help me during this difficult time.

    Since then, other little signs have been sent to me. I think people need to understand patience. You will receive what you need when God decides it is time, not when you want it.

    Recently, I was driving a school bus, and I was sitting at a traffic light. I have very long blonde hair and noticed one strand on my jacket. I pulled the hair strand from my jacket and placed it outside my window. The long blonde hair began to gently float and started to stick to the driver’s window. Then slowly, the strand of hair began to form the shape of a heart. I believe with all my heart that I am being sent these blessings.

  • Zulema Montes on | Mount Olive, North Carolina, United States

    My husband and I were traveling to Jacksonville, North Carolina, and an angel suddenly appeared in the sky. It was a very good feeling, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. I told my husband about it, and we just stayed quiet. But at night, I had a very good feeling. I don’t know why. I just did.

  • Sharon on | Jonesboro, Georgia, United States

    I started putting up my Christmas lights on Oct. 31, and my Jesus display is my main focus. My feelings were hurt when a young lady stated that it was too soon for Christmas decorations as she was facing my baby Jesus display. I wanted to tell her that it’s never too soon for Jesus, but I heard her mother say it before I said it.

    Without any intention, I now see signs of angels. I realize the theme of my lights inside of my home is angels. I also bought small angels to give as Christmas gifts for my son’s teachers. And lastly, the greatest angel sign of them all is what I saw at the top of my neighbor’s tree (that stands two stories high) across the street from me.

    On one night, I turned my Christmas lights off and only kept my lights on for Baby Jesus, Mother Mary, and Daddy Joseph. I sat down and looked up at my neighbor’s lighted tree that I had coined “Avatar.” Strangely this time, I noticed a figure of an Angel looking down on Jesus. I took several pictures to prove it.

    Now, my lights will not turn on because of the rain, but my neighbor’s tree lights are working and the Angel is still there. The Angel’s head and shoulders lead to wings and then the body leads down to legs.

    Two days later after seeing this, the hay that Baby Jesus is resting on has the most beautiful green grass around it. This never happened before. JESUS!

  • Zoey on | Ventura, California, United States


    I searched on the web “Why I saw an angel in the sky?” and I was surprised to discover that there are songs about it, and then I came to this web page. This article assured me that I am not the only one who is on this journey. How I wish we all could get together here.

    Anyway, here’s my story: Yesterday, I was taking a nap, and then I saw angels, but I am not sure if I was really awake or still asleep or maybe half asleep. I remembered that I looked at the sky and it was so bright. In the brightness, I saw a manly figure holding an orb radiating a very bright light. There was a moment that I saw a book instead of an orb being held by the manly figure. The manly figure was also radiating shiny bright light all around him. Then, I saw a choir of angels surround him. Later, the angels all appeared smaller in size as they multiplied and increased in numbers. I remembered I asked if Jesus is already coming.

    The whole moment of the heavenly encounter lasted for about 2-3 minutes. Then, the sky turned empty, but within seconds after everything was cleared, clouds appeared again (very thick clouds). For some reason, I waved at the clouds, and I said, “I see you guys from here. Thank you for letting me see you from here." That was my experience yesterday.

    After telling my story, I now believe the manly figure was Jesus appearing in front of me. I always prayed for His coming because it hurts me so much that I am alone. In my prayers, I’ve asked why He let my mom die, why He let my husband abandon me, why the only teacher I knew who truly believed in me had to die, and why my pastor friend had to die. I feel so alone.

    I always pray that Jesus will come back and prepare the way for His coming. Maybe the vision I had of Jesus and the angels is an answer or sign that He is already on the way.

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