The meaning of 222 and the reason why you keep seeing angel number 2:22 everywhere.
The meaning of 222 and the reason why you keep seeing angel number 2:22 everywhere.
222 WILLOW SOUL Angel Route Tshirt Size Guide

222 Angel Route Vintage Tee - Unisex

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Do you keep seeing 222 appear in front of you? When you see 222 frequently flow into your view, you have a deep knowing that the Universe is trying to communicate a special message to you. It is a divine message to help you bring harmony and balance into your life so you can move closer to the Divine Light.

When you wear this relaxed 222 vintage style t-shirt, it can spark a conversation with others or help guide them to spiritually awaken in their human journey. Show others that they are not alone in their spiritual awakening when they see Angel Number 222. Wearing this piece is also a subtle way to signal others about your light working on earth at this time. Shine your light!

Fit: Unisex
Material: 50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon
WILLOW SOUL's Recommended Care: Hang Dry

A WILLOW SOUL exclusive. Unisex tailoring fits men rather tight and women more loosely (when in doubt, choose a size bigger or smaller). Super trendy heather look. Blended fabrics combine durability with silky smooth comfort wear.  Printed in the U.S.A.

Read more about the meaning of 222 and the other reasons why you are seeing 222 everywhere. Copyright © by WILLOW SOUL

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Your angel number interpretation of 222 is amazingly spot on. I wore your 222 tshirt and got compliments. I hope size XL comes back in stock soon. I would love another one.


I have seen these numbers 222 and 2:22, as well as 1:11. I looked into them for the first time on Willow Soul, and it all makes sense. I am on the right path. I adore wearing Willow Soul's shirt and showing off 222. It looks so good with jeans and a little tuck in the front! I am 5'5" and 105 pounds, and I typically wear the small size.


I see 222 and other triple numbers repeatedly, and I know they are angel messages. I was excited when I saw the 222 t-shirts in stock with my size. I also have the same t-shirt with the 11:11 clock design. These t-shirts are comfortable, and I recommend them!