The meaning of 222 and the reason why you keep seeing angel number 2:22 everywhere.
The meaning of 222 and the reason why you keep seeing angel number 2:22 everywhere.
222 WILLOW SOUL Slouchy Sweatshirt Size Guide

222 Slouchy Classic Sweatshirt - Women

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Are you constantly seeing 222 appear in front of you? When you keep seeing 222 flow into your view, you have a deep knowing that the Universe is trying to communicate a special message to you. It is a divine message to help you bring harmony and balance into your life, as you are being guided closer to the Divine Light.

When you wear this 222 classic sweatshirt, it can spark a conversation with others or help guide them to spiritually awaken in their human journey. Wearing this piece is a subtle way to show others that they are not alone when they are seeing Angel Number 222. It's also a discreet way to show your light working on earth at this time. Shine your light!

Size: Runs Small (Order 1 size bigger)
Fit: Women's Wide-Neck
Material: Sponge Fleece (50% polyester, 37.5% cotton, 12.5% rayon)

WILLOW SOUL’s Recommended Care: Hang Dry

A WILLOW SOUL exclusive. An 80s twist on a classic style. Super soft and lightweight tri-blend sponge fleece sweatshirt with a flirty neckline. Printed in the U.S.A.

Read more about the meaning of 222 and the other reasons why you are seeing 222 everywhere. Copyright © by WILLOW SOUL

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Customer Reviews

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I see 2:22 on clocks almost every day. I absolutely LOVE my 222 Angel Route sweatshirt. It's comfy, and I got the medium, a size bigger than my usual.


I always see repeating number combinations of the number 2, like 22, 222, or 1222. I'm thankful for Willow Soul's insightful message regarding 222. Although large is my regular size, I ordered the 222 sweatshirt in extra large for a roomier fit. It is soft and comfortable, and I'm happy that I got it.


I have been seeing the repetitive number 222 for about a year. I mostly saw it on clocks and car license plates. I can confirm it is a message from my guardian angel. I love the 222 sweatshirt so much that I also have it in light gray and black colors. I normally wear a small/medium top, but I bought a large one (size up). I adore Willow Soul, and their customer care is truly angelic!!!


Willow Soul's meaning of 222 was helpful to read! The 222 Angel sweatshirt is a combo of super cute, comfy, and stylish. I usually fit a large, but I got the xlarge size instead. Grateful.