The meaning of 222 and the reason why you are seeing angel number 2:22 everywhere.
The meaning of 222 and the reason why you are seeing angel number 2:22 everywhere.
The meaning of 222 and the reason why you are seeing angel number 2:22 everywhere.
The meaning of 222 and the reason why you are seeing angel number 2:22 everywhere.
The meaning of 222 and the reason why you are seeing angel number 2:22 everywhere.

222 Art Print: "The Answer You've Been Waiting For"

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Are you constantly seeing 222 appear in front of you? In this moment, you were guided here if you asked the Universe for help, and Angel number 222 has been showing up in your view. When you keep seeing 222 repetitively, you have a soulful knowing that 222 is a Divine message being delivered to you, and you start to remember that it symbolizes an answer that will help you get through whatever you are going through.

The Answer You've Been Waiting For” is a vintage-inspired pencil-style drawing that was created to help you remember that there is always more than one way to ask for Divine guidance in your life.

By verbally asking for help in prayer, writing your prayer in a journal, or when you can't even put your prayer into words, you have a soulful knowing that you are always being heard.

Whether you need help with a certain situation or you simply want to know that you are on the right track, the Creator and your spiritual team of angels and guides will send you repeated signs to guide you on the right path.

Because the Universe is always sending signs to help you, you begin to recognize all the Divine signs around you. And at your core, you have faith in the guidance you receive because you realize that you are being helped and spiritually led on the right path ahead.

In this WILLOW SOUL exclusive artwork, "you" are writing your prayer letter to the Creator to help you with a life decision as you evolve and move into a new cycle of growth and expansion.

As your thoughts and feelings flow onto paper, your prayer on paper becomes a page in your spiritual life story. It is the action of writing that helps you realize your truths in a new way that you were not able to put into words yesterday. On a deeper level, writing your thoughts and feelings gives you time to slow down, it helps you become aware of everything around you, and it reminds you that the Creator is with you all the way. With your faith, you know you will always find the strength to make it through what you are going through another day.

With this realization, you feel the urge to look up, and you suddenly see an angel emerge with message 222 in front of you. In this sacred silence, the clock's time pauses at 2:22, and you become fully aware of all that surrounds you. It reminds you that when you let go of your original plan, you allow the Creator to show you a better way and a better plan. In this Divine partnership with the Creator, you trust that everything is always working out for you, as well as the lives of the people around you.

As your life is progressing to another phase, you are always learning and becoming more aware of who you truly are every day. You remember that you are born from the Universal Light, and you are a rising flame that is ascending to a higher plane.

At each new level, you uncover solutions, and you realize that solutions are always available to you when you connect with the Divine force within you. And with this clarity, you understand that it is your destiny to move in the direction where your soul is powered by direct Divine communication.

Read more about the meaning of 222 and the other reasons why you are seeing 222 everywhere. Copyright © by WILLOW SOUL


Size: 10 inches (height) x 8 inches (width)
Medium: Heavyweight card stock, Print only (frame is NOT included)
Publication: Copyright © 2020 by WILLOW SOUL


This art print is a timeless classic cartoon with neutral gray tones to seamlessly fit in any decor at your workplace or home. If desired, you can frame this artwork with matting for a gallery-quality look. There are other options available to make this artwork stand out on its own, or you can add it to an existing gallery wall with other frames of various shapes and sizes.

The size offered makes this artwork very easy to mat and frame because most stores already stock mats and frames in this dimension (10 inches x 8 inches).


Due to the delicate nature of art prints, WILLOW SOUL does not restock art prints that have already been shipped to another customer. As a courtesy to all artwork buyers, you will always receive a brand new art print (never a returned item) for quality assurance.


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Beautiful Angel 222 artwork for my office. The fact that it is numerology-based makes me love it even more! I go to Willow Soul every time I receive a numeric synchronicity.


For about a year, I constantly saw 2:22 on the clock. I was happy when I found out 222 was a divine message of unity, and I was inspired to purchase WillowSoul's 222 Angel Number drawing.


Hello, everyone! I have been seeing 222 for the past 3 months. I am pleased with the 222 angel art print. I also purchased the other art prints (444 and 11:11) to hang as a group, and they look good together on my wall. Thank you, Willow Soul!