The meaning of 111 and the reason why you keep seeing angel number 1:11 everywhere.
The meaning of 111 and the reason why you keep seeing angel number 1:11 everywhere.
111 WILLOW SOUL Vintage Hoodie Size Guide
The meaning of 111 and the reason why you keep seeing angel number 1:11 everywhere.

111 Vintage Zen Hoodie - Unisex

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Are you seeing 111 repeatedly? The meaning is you are being divinely guided to activate the leadership quality that's gifted to you in life, and you are being urged to lead with courage toward your soul's sight.

When you wear this 111 vintage zen fleece hooded sweatshirt, it can spark a conversation with others, or help guide them to spiritually awaken in their human journey. It is a subtle way to signal others that they are not alone when seeing this divine number 111, and it is also a discreet way to show your light working on earth at this time. Shine your light!

Fit: Unisex
Material: 55% Cotton, 45% Polyester
WILLOW SOUL’s Recommended Care: Hang Dry

A WILLOW SOUL exclusive.  Do not leave this vintage hoodie lying around the house, or it is sure to disappear. This ultra-comfortable hooded sweatshirt has that broken-in feel that would take years of hard-wearing to replicate.  The "zen fleece" fabric is made in the trendy "distressed look."  Acid wash burnout fleece with silicone finish.  Raw-edge seams, raglan sleeves, front pocket, and v-notch collar.  Due to the unique treatment of this garment, it is typical to see color and shade differences as no two garments are alike.

Read more about the meaning of 111 and the other reasons why you are seeing 111 everywhere. Copyright © by WILLOW SOUL

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Customer Reviews

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I often see 111 and always come to Willow Soul's website. I'm a woman and bought the 111 angel number hoodie for myself. The hoodie is described as unisex, and considering it also fits a man, I thought it would be huge for my body. For reference, I'm 120 lbs. I bought a small size, thinking it would fit me oversized. Fortunately, it fit me perfectly and comfortably. I'm very happy with the style and quality. I will buy it again for friends.


I've seen 1:11 over the past couple of years. Now, I smile every time I see the angel number. I ordered the 111 hoodie and have the same hoodie in the 11:11 and 333 designs. It's quality and my hoodie choice every time!


I have been constantly seeing 111 for years now, and I was led here to Willow Soul. I love the style of the 111 vintage hoodie. I'm 5'4" and roughly 115 pounds. I purchased the small size, and the fit is great.


Ever since I started praying, I've seen 1:11 or 111, which is more than I can admit to be a coincidence. 111 reminds me to persevere and never give up. I wore the 111 hoodie, and the medium size hits just below my hips. It's true to size. The material is soft, not itchy. I recommend the hoodie.