Willow Soul

333 Angel Slim Jersey

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Are you an earth angel or lightworker? Do you see 3:33 often? This angel inspired top is a subtle way to signal other earth angels about your light working on earth at this time.  Be the light!

This figure-flattering tee, is soft, stylish and above all comfortable. This is the one you don’t let your girlfriends borrow, because you’ll never see it again. A relaxed cut and added coverage to flatter a feminine silhouette.

Fit: Women’s
Color: Heather Gray
Material: 100% jersey cotton

A Willow Soul exclusive. Extremely soft and smooth to the touch. Durable double-stitched waist, sleeves, and stretchable collar. Made, processed, and printed in the U.S.A. by American Apparel.Slim Jersey Size Guide